Connecting with The Spirit World with John Holland

Connecting with the Spirit World 2

Connecting with the Spirit World 2
Three-Lesson Online Course

with Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher, John Holland

Learn from a psychic-medium who has worked with and taught the public for over two decades! 

  • Are you a working medium or student who wants to go to the next level?
  • Do you think you may have the ability but not the tools or confidence to communicate with spirit?
  • Do you want to connect to a loved one?
  • Would you just like to know more of how spirit and mediums communicate?  

John Holland will teach the skills and specific techniques to:

  • help you develop an even higher awareness of Spirit
  • fine-tune your skills

You’ll also receive all these bonuses!

  • An audio meditation to help you open to the Other-Side
  • Connecting with the Spirit World: LEVEL 2 PDF companion notes (Delivered after Lesson 3)
  • Three training videos to help deepen your connection with spirit, recorded exclusively for members of this course

This intensive Live Online Course includes three 90-minute lessons as well as valuable exercises to put into practice:

Lesson 1: Preparation for Further Development – Understanding You are the Vessel for MediumshipJohn Holland

  • Preparing your body, mind & spirit
  • How to attune yourself to achieve mediumship
  • Special meditations to activate your mediumship
  • Power building exercises to increase your psychic power & sensitivity
  • Expanding and perfecting
    • clairvoyance
    • clairsentience
    • clairaudience

Lesson 2: Linking With Spirit – Blending, Building and Verifying the Contact

  • Psychometry – how to pick up information from places and objects
  • Blending your aura with those here and in spirit for validation
  • Understanding what the messages you receive mean
  • The many ways Spirits get their message across
  • More information on working with an individual, groups, and the public

Lesson 3: The Power Within – Building and Increasing Your Confidence

  • The healing power of Spirit energyConnecting with the Spirit World 2
  • The role of spirit guides
  • Building confidence as you expand your potential
  • The Psychological barriers
  • Safety techniques & mediumship etiquette

This is Level 2 – You do not need to complete Connecting with The Spirit World – Level 1. This course is open to everyone.)

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Q’uo Communications with Carla Rueckert

Carla L Rueckert

Do you remember Seth & his books? Carla Rueckert was the channel.

The Seth books changed an entire generation of spiritual seekers. Carla Rueckert is still giving her gifts of time and resources to channelling.

This information will resonate inside. The LAW OF ONE will change your viewpoint forever. Ms. Rueckert can be counted among the very few pure channels and she has the experience of 40 years in transferring the information.

It appears  this show is no longer broadcasting live, however, it is available in the archives.