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Mondays, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT

Diane Ray interviews some of the most interesting figures in the fields of alternative health, self-development, new spirituality, and more.

In this weekly show, Diane brings you fascinating and educational interviews with people passionate and sometimes provocative about personal growth and whole-body wellness.

Diane Ray

Diane Ray has a long background in radio broadcasting with stops atDiane Ray

  • WSHE in Miami,
  • WBGG Miami,
  • KGB San Diego,
  • NPR affiliate KPBS San Diego,
  • WFYV Jacksonville and
  • Star System Network in Austin, TX where she produced radio shows.

She has also been an on air talent for many radio stations across the country.  Diane has also worked in TV production writing and producing cable programming in San Diego, CA. Her friendly, personable style is also put to use doing commercial voice over work for radio, TV, and corporate projects.

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