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Wednesdays, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm PST

What past traumas or painful emotions are lurking deep within you?  And what kind of damage can they do?

Join health and wellness expert, TV commentator, and national bestselling author Deborah King in this lively call-in show, where no topic is off limit. As a master healer, Deborah will help you heal what is hidden in your energy field so you can return to your natural state of health and happiness.

Deborah King

Learn how your energy field and chakras impacts your well-being; connect the dots between what you are feeling emotionally and what’s happening to you physically; release blocked energies (without having to remember or relive past events); and step up to the next level of spirituality.

Deborah King

Be Your Own Shaman by DEBORAH KINGDeborah King, is an author, lecturer, contemporary healer, and recognized expert in the health and wellness field. She has been a frequent guest on CNN and Fox News, as well as other national media outlets.

As a successful entrepreneur and corporate attorney, King fell into the trap of suppressing a traumatic past, which then manifested as chronic emotional and physical illness and addiction. Ultimately, her condition forced her to face her own truth. She investigated ancient and modern healing systems, and developed a powerful technique of her own.

Today, she guides thousands to health through her public events, workshops, and writings.

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