ET Healing and Explorations in Consciousness with Jackie Salvitti 2015-05-24T14:45:04+00:00

…and Explorations in Consciousness

hosted by Jackie Salvitti
and Squirrel Rork

Thursdays 8:00 – 9:00 PM (PST)
11:00 – 12:00 PM (EST)

Jackie SalvittiJackie works with a multitude of extra-terrestrial and multi-dimensional races as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy in her healing work. She has done over 2,600 sessions in just over 2 years. Her mentor was Adrian Dvir of Israel who crossed over in June of ’04.  She responds to all emails sent to Adrian’s web site which remains in place because of the extraordinary work he did, to promote his book ‘X3 Healing Entities & Aliens’ and the wonderful ambassador and liaison he was between other star races and Earth.

Jackie left her career in commercial real estate in California at the request of her ‘Team’ and moved to Las Vegas to open a clinic in her home. Her sessions are done over the phone all over the world and also in person in her home. Because ‘they’ are in a higher dimension and frequency, it is easy for them to translate into any location to perform the necessary physical, emotional and spiritual assistance.

The energies will be made available to all who request them during the show. You are safe to just listen or open yourselves to experience as much as you are ready to accept by simply stating your willingness and intentions. Your Soul and Higher Self will be the ‘gate keepers’ of all experience. Nothing can be done without their permission. You are safe.


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