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Saturdays, 6:00 – 6:55 PM (PST)

Your Defining Moment

Carolyn Evers’ came when her 16-year-old son Shawn died.  It had become an obsession to know if he was happy and okay.

After reading everything she could related to the other side and trying to contact him, nothing seemed to happen. One morning she was having a particularly difficult time in the grieving process, she started to hyperventilate while crying.

The MessengerShe ran outside and felt cloud of love while distinctly hearing, “Mom, don’t cry”.  Did she imagine this?

She then had several dreams about her son. In one of the dreams, he was whistling as he walked down a small sunny lane, a fishing rod slung over his shoulder, carrying a string of fish. He seemed so carefree. 

In this show, Carolyn Evers tells her story of contact and the messages from her son after he passed away.

“Shawn claimed that he was reading from earth records that some call Akashic records, and Carolyn started recording the messages. These messages were vivid descriptions of God creating souls, star formations and gateways to other worlds, scientific information such as descriptions of the workings of plate tectonics.”

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