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Caroline Sutherland Every Monday night
5:30 pm PT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET

Here’s your chance to speak to a medical intuitive.

  • Have you wondered where your pain comes from?
  • Would you like to know what to do about it?  Do you do detoxification, alternative treatments?
  • How do you achieve increased energy?

Don’t miss this call. Teleconferences are a great way to touch lives around the world.  Each call is recorded and available as a download the following day.

The Body Knows by Caroline SutherlandCaroline Sutherland was raised in a medical family – both her father and grandfather were doctors – a childhood which formed the ‘blueprint’ for her future career. Her gift to ‘see’ into the body as a medical intuitive. She  began while she was working as an allergy-testing technician and physician’s assistant in a busy medical clinic.

Her book The Body Knows – how to tune in to your body and improve your health, discusses medical intuition from the physical perspective, enabling people to develop the ‘eyes’ to see into the veiled layers of the body and to understand some of its mysteries.

For the past twenty years, Caroline’s direct guidance and medical intuition has assisted the lives of over 80,000 people.

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