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In the end, perhaps what these shows most represent — the heartfelt efforts of those that tried.

Original Host: Basima Farhat

Basima Farhat


Basima Farhat is a writer, a poet and as a master healer in the art of Reiki. She teaches meditative practice in the area as a spiritual counselor. Her Corporate workshop S.O.S., Stop Ongoing Stress deals with creative change in high-pressure work areas and she is currently working on a number of projects in the field of human potential development. Basima has recently completed a screenplay call the Tatesville Casket Company whose subject matter deals with the death and dying process.

A well know poet and peace activist in the Michigan area, Basima has been invited by numerous organizations for poetry readings within the cultural community, most recently reading in the same venue as Tony Award winning poet Suhair Hamad, sponsored by the Palestine Office a grassroots peace organization that has hosted many political leaders, such as Dr Mustafa Barghouti, Micheal Tarazi, Allison Weir.