Resurrecting Venus with Cynthia Occelli 2015-01-20T18:39:43+00:00

Resurrecting Venus

This show is no longer on air weekly, however it’s available in Hay House Radio archives.

Explore what it means to heed the call of your heart and embrace femininity in today’s world. Join Cynthia each week as she explores how to live with more joy and a strengthened sisterhood. Discover how to bring more fulfilling work into your life and learn how to truly blossom.

With Source, our true self, and femininity aligned, all things are possible. This is where the life women were created to live begins. Cynthia will be joined by some fascinating guests and will be taking your calls. Tune in for an empowering hour of radio!

Resurrecting Venus by CYNTHIA OCCELLI

Cynthia Occelli

For nearly a decade, Cynthia Occelli has embodied Venus, the goddess of femininity, and helped other women discover and claim their right to be joyous, beautiful, loved and successful. A former middle-school dropout who became a welfare mom and later went on to obtain a law degree, Cynthia’s life has been anything but conventional.

She has worked in acting, modeling, real estate, architectural design and interior decorating as well as being a life coach for women who long to connect with their inner power and feminine heart.
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