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Every Tuesday
10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT

Wouldn’t you love to sit in one of Denise Linn‘s  live classes?   She brings just as much enthusiasm and vitality to the radio show, ‘Soul Coaching(TM).’

Denise specializes in past-life regression. Her insights on past-life damage is often life-changing.  If you are running in to the same roadblocks repeatedly, this is definitely the show for you.

Denise, leading group past-life regressions in 19 countries,  has regressed close to 1,000 people simultaneously. Denise’s powerful ‘Soul Coaching’ process, clears and detoxifies your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Denise Linn has been called ‘America’s best-kept secret.’ For the last three and a half decades she has traveled to the far corners of the world speaking to standing-room only audiences of thousands. Her spiritual journey began as a teenager when she had a near-death experience after being shot by an unknown gunman.

Denise LinnThe revelations she received on the ‘other side’ and her subsequent quest to heal her body from the damage caused by the gunman’s bullet, lead Denise to eventually become an internationally acclaimed healer, writer, and Lecturer.

Denise’s 14 books have been translated into 26 languages, and she has been featured on Oprah, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, BBC TV, NBC and CBS. In addition to being the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching,


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