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Every Monday, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PDT

John Holland’s goal is to push the limits of our consciousness, explore our own inner guidance, and provide confirmation that we are more than just these physical beings-we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential.

As a world-renowned and highly sought-after medium, John provides listeners with a gateway to the Other Side to open the ‘Spirit Connection.’

John Holland

‘Mediumship is more than just about delivering messages,’ he says, ‘it’s about the confirmation that our ‘spirit’ lives on once we leave our physical body. We are and always will be connected to each other.’

So tune in each week for this unique call-in show, as John answers your questions, connects you to your loved ones, and introduces you to his many special guests who will likewise open your mind, body, and spirit to the new frontier of spiritual understanding.

About John Holland

Power of the Soul

John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium and teacher who lectures, demonstrates, and reads for private clients; and who has spent more than 20 years developing his abilities.

He’s been featured on The History Channel, A&E, Unsolved Mysteries, and in numerous articles; as well as becoming a familiar voice on radio stations throughout the world.

He’s the author of the bestsellers: Power of the Soul, Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator, and 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition. John’s latest book“The Spirit Whisperer”andThe Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards.

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