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Tuesdays 5-7 pm PST, 8 to 10PM Est

Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium, Author and Radio Host Joseph Tittel has been working as a medium for more than fifteen years and involved with the paranormal and spirituality for more then 20 years.

Joseph uses his unique gift to connect people with loved ones who have passed on. Those messages are deeply compelling, often startling and occasionally humorous. Joseph’s down-to-earth approach has earned him a vast and loyal Journey Into The Paranormal With Psychic Medium Joseph Tittelfollowing throughout the United States & internationally. Joseph currently has a series called ‘Real Psychics’ available on Comcast On Demands Paranormal TV. Some Of Joseph’s other appearances include Lifetime television, the Travel Channel, M-TV Live Canada, and a three hour documentary film on his work for the Spirituality Channel.

Joseph discusses his work as a medium, experiences & so much more. Each week Joseph will focus on a different specific topic such as Angels, Reiki Healing, Mediums & how to see signs from your own deceased loved ones. Joseph will answer questions by phone & from in the chat room.

Joseph TittelUsually on the first Tuesday of each month the shows topic is Messages From The Other Side and is focused on callers getting an opportunity to ask Joseph a psychic question about their life such as finances and health and perhaps even receive a message from a deceased loved one. This show is focused on educating others, helping you on your spiritual quest & bringing interesting spiritual topics to listeners. This is certainly a show that everyone can enjoy and we hope you will tune in and enjoy the show too.

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