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Jonathan Goldman

International Healing Sounds Intensive

9 Days!
with Jonathan Goldman

July 25-Aug. 2, 2015
Loveland, CO

The Healing Sounds Intensive was created by Jonathan Goldman as a result of requests from his students and readers who wished to experience intensive training in sound with Jonathan. It is a nine day program that meets for over eight hours each day.

It is a step by step process of learning to use sound for vibrational patterning and alignment. Combining over 15 years experience in exploring, using and teaching the use of sound as a healing modality, Jonathan has created a program rich in experiences and information. It will cover the latest scientific material on sonics, as well as bringing you time-honored sacred sounds from different traditions.

The Healing Sounds Intensive is an unforgettable experience, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with a master of sound. You will gain invaluable training enabling you to access deeper levels of consciousness and self-transformation.

Topics include:
  • Principles of Sound Healing
  • Psycho-Acoustics and The Brain
  • Vowels As Mantras
  • Music Improvisation
  • The Spinal Bija Mantras
  • Avalokitesvara Initiation
  • Personal Grid Activation
  • Sonic Yoga of Listening
  • Pythagorean Tuning Forks
  • Toning the Physical Body
  • Breath and the Merkabah
  • Sonic Shamanism
  • Overtoning Healing Technique
  • Vocal Harmonics
  • Therapeutic Uses of Music
  • Star Thoughtforms
  • Saraswati Initiation
  • Song of the Soul
  • Color, Light and Sound
  • Shifting Frequencies
  • Day of Toning
  • Crystal Singing
  • Sacred Geometry and Sound
  • Inter-Dimensional Fields
  • Angel of Sound Initiation
  • Dolphin/E.T. Sound Connection
  • Peruvian Whistling Vessels
  • Tara Trance Dance
  • Name as Mantra
  • Daily Chanting and Toning
  • Group Merkavah Planetary activation
  • The Divine Name
  • Tantra of Sound
  • And More!

The 9 day Healing Sounds Intensive will take place at Sunrise Ranch. This holistic resort and conference center is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! It is located on 360 acres in rural Northern Colorado with pool, tennis courts and hiking trails.

Jonathan Goldman is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Author of Healing Sounds, he is director of the Sound Healers and president of Spirit Music .

Space is limited. Last year’s intensive was entirely filled.

Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is an internationally known writer, musician, and teacher. He’s an authority on sound and healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. A student of Kabbalah, Jonathan has been working for many years on the relationship between the Hebrew consonants of the Tetragrammaton and vowel sounds.

Jonathan’s discovery that the Divine Name of God is actually a universal sound that uses a specific combination of vowels that generate descending and then ascending tones based upon the harmonic series led to this project.

Jonathan’s Books, CDs & Lectures at Hay House.