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Two Free Events

The Heart Math Solution Breakthrough

Wednesday, February 3, 20165:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

The Heart of Your Heart

Wednesday, February 10, 20165:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

HeartMath practices help us become better surfers of life — riding the turbulence and stress with more grace and ease. And even making it enjoyable!

At the core of this approach are practices that allow us to create state of coherence between our hearts and our brains. When we become heart-brain coherent, our stress decreases and our emotional well-being amplifies.

We’re healthier, happier and more energized.

Most of us can’t make the waves of life any smaller, but we CAN become much more adept at being centered, calm, and joyful in working with family, work, and other challenges that come at us.

HeartMath shows us how to turn stress, overwhelm, and anxiety into an energizing ride!

Find out more and register for free here: The HeartMath Solution Breakthrough: How to Reduce Emotional Turbulence, Optimize Your Well-Being and Open to Intuitive Guidance.

What’s more, HeartMath practices are based on rigorous science and used in hospitals, corporations, and other demanding environments.

That’s what separates HeartMath from a lot of New Age fluff with big claims and no research to back it up.

So if you want to discover how you can surf the really big waves of life with ease, I encourage you to register for tomorrow night’s call:

RSVP for free here: The HeartMath Solution Breakthrough

Howard will give you practices that you can do in the car or between phone calls or even in the middle of an argument that re-link you to your heart and a sense of inner calm.

He’ll also show you how these simple practices deepen your intuition and connection to all of life.

If you’re ready to shift from survival mode into a joyful “flow state,” heart-brain coherence can help increase your energy and resilience.

HeartMath is the world’s most influential science and research organization focused on activating the power of the heart. During this FREE session, you’ll discover how to use heart coherence to transcend stressful circumstances, experience a deeper sense of well-being and improve your mental functions and your physical performance.

During this mini-workshop, you’ll also receive:

  • A way to tap into your core heart power to re-energize your entire being
  • Key principles for accessing your heart’s deep wisdom
  • A simple practice to override stressful or negative reactions
  • Steps to activate the energy of your heart for more authentic self-expression.
  • A method to create intimate, heart-to heart-connections.

Register for The HeartMath Solution Breakthrough: How to Reduce Emotional Turbulence, Optimize Your Well-Being and Open to Intuitive Guidance, and you’ll also receive the audio recording.



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