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This show ran from 2007-2012. It is still available on ITunes for free.

Abundance from the Universe of your Soul to the Universe of your Life – with Vega Rozenberg and Amanya Jacobs

Universal Affluence was a program designed to show you how your spiritual growth contributes to every area of your life and can bring abundance to you in your finances, your family and love relationships, your fulfillment with your work, your joy in your leisure, and your sense of connection to the universe. World renowned, Vega Rozenberg is a spiritual master. He has taught in America and internationally for many years with profound effects on the lives of people he’s touched. People travel great distances to attend his seminars because of the results they see in their lives when they apply what he teaches. Vega uses ancient wisdom to teach new ways to look at yourself, at your life and at the world around you. His approach can help you evolve spiritually so that you can make new choices about how you think and what you do in order to bring more abundance into your life.

Amanya Jacobs is a clairvoyant who utilizes psychic readings to guide you to greater awareness and spiritual development, to bring the spiritual into your everyday life. Her goal is to offer you a unique approach to looking at the questions and decisions that come up in your life and to shed new light upon them. Amanya has a track record of success in divergent and challenging health care and business environments as well as in her personal life. This gives her a great foundation to use her psychic insights to guide you to greater abundance in every area of your life.

For more information about Vega Rozenberg’s Universal Affluence seminars, visit www.universalaffluence.com.

Contact Amanya Jacobs at www.assembleyourlife.com

This show ran from 2007-2012. It is still available >on ITunes for free.