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produced by Hay House

June 24-26, 2016 in Maui

This Writer’s Workshop is a 2-3 day info-packed intensive! Take home the strategies that will propel you from wherever you are, to becoming a successful published author.  As one of the largest publishers in the world, Hay House provides top-quality, high-level writer’s workshops for self-help and spiritual authors.

 You’ll Learn How To:

  • Organize your thoughts into a book
  • Re-write and refine your work
  • Write a successful book proposal
  • Manifest the determination to publish your book
  • Get a publisher’s attention
  • Handle rejection from publishers (its not personal)
  • Find a literary agent
  • Contact the news media about your book

You could win a contract!

  • One participant is guaranteed a $10,000 advance and a publishing contract with Hay House!
  • First runner-up wins a Balboa Press Master Package (a $7999.00 publishing value!)
  • Second runner-up wins a Balboa Press Inspire Package (a $3599.00 publishing value!)

The stellar faculty in each city:

At the Writers Workshop, you’ll discover what works.  Hands down, Hay House produces the best writers workshops for self-help authors.

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