The Zoe Moon Astrology Show 2015-01-20T18:57:33+00:00

Thursdays, 5-6 PST / 8-9 pm ET

Zoe brings her unique perspective on the cosmos and it’s affects on you!

Get a jump on your weekend and insight into the important transits by sign as Zoe shares what to expect up ahead.

Zoe is a highly sought after astrologer to the entertainment industry.

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 This is your chance to call in with personal questions.   Get answers to why the energy is affecting you in a particular way and see when you can look forward to major change and opportunity!” – from the website.

Zoe Moon ~ “It’s a crime that we aren’t taught how to maneuver our unique energy patterns.  We know our heritage, we understand dna and yet we are blind to the energetic blue print we carry.  It is time that this changed and I am on a mission to change it.”