How to Heal A Grieving Heart with James Van Praagh

 How can you heal when you’ve had a loss so deep, so raw, that you are inside-out?

A grieving heartIs this you?   

You lost someone.  You have your few moments when you can take the “philosophical view.”   You know there’s some vast cosmic, unknowable purpose to this wheel of life.  Maybe somebody’s got a plan and someday we’ll figure it out.

But then you again feel that searing, sadness and you realize you’re using “survival logic.”  If you don’t, it hurts too damn much.  And the dull ache of of an ancient rage threatens to drown you.

You talk yourself back to saying quietly, “This is how it is. ”  Still, you yearn to hear that familiar laugh. To get teased just one more time…

Imagine if you actually could talk to them.

What if you could know, for certain, that your loved one heard you loving them.

James Van Praagh, through this Online Course will teach you to be gentle with yourself, as well as others. You’ll learn to open your heart and mind to receiving signs from your loved ones and recognize the gifts a soul leaves behind when it transitions from this side to the other.

The course includes all these bonuses when you register.

  • A copy of James and Doreen Virtue’s new book, How to Heal a Grieving Heart 
  • A downloadable meditation for healing a grieving heart
  • Access to Speaking to the Spirit World — James’ 60-minute interview from the Hay House World Summit

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 LHow to Heal a Grieving Heart by Doreen Virtue & James Van Praaghesson 1: How to Heal A Grieving Heart — The Grieving Process

  • How this life-long psychic medium understands loss and grief
  • Different types of grief
  • The various normal stages of grief
  • How this loss is needed for your soul’s own growth and understanding.
  • How important it is that we communicate with our grief
  • How to use grief as a tool and not something we hide.
  • What happens when we leave the physical world.
  • Possible karmic obligations we had to meet, etc…

James will  explain how our loved ones are “only a thought away”.

Lesson 2: Signs From Our Loved Ones

James Van Praagh

  • The many ways our loved ones will come to us
  • The many ways they attempt to let us know that they are with us and part of our everyday journey
    •  dreams,
    • butterflies,
    • dragonflies,
    • inspirational thoughts,
    • electrical occurrences,
    • coincidences and so many more.
  • What are the best ways to connect with them?
  • An exercise, where you become ware of the spirit next to you and blend with him/her.
  • A mind journey to a place you can use to always connect with your loved ones.

Lesson 3: Healing the Unfinished Business of the Heart

  • What are different types of grief and what’s such as losing a family member, a job, a divorce, aging and the emotional baggage which comes along with each.
  • Various “healing guidelines” such as how to work with the guilt and any unfinished business you might still feel which needs to be completed.
  • A forgiveness meditation which you can use not only to heal your grieving heart, but apply wherever and whenever you need to have light and love brought in.
  • Two homework exercises to open you up to your soul’s perspective of loss and also assisting you to move beyond the loss you have experienced.

Lesson 4: The Gifts A Soul Leaves Behind

  • A meditation to focus on opening up your heart.
  • Listing of the gifts and lessons your loved one left behind for you in this lifetime.
  • What is different about your life now. Are you willing to share those gifts with others?  Perhaps there are other people who could use your words of encouragement? Maybe by sharing with another, you receive the fullness of the healing?
  • The various options open to you, to insure that this lesson of loss is one of strength and healing.

Let James Van Praagh set your heart free in a whole new way.

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