We Just got our Garden Tower 2!

I’m so excited about our new toy!  It’s a Garden Tower 2!

What makes it the best is that it even makes its own compost in the center tube.  After a few months, you don’t even need to add plant fertilizer! And you can grow 50+ plants in 4 square feet.  Does it get any better?

We did a tremendous amount of research before we bought this.  It’s the most expensive but we’ll continue to have fresh, organic vegies virtually forever with this one expenditure.  It didn’t take much math to realize that, because we buy organic, which is frightfully more expensive than standard vegetables and fruits, we’ll make back every penny within months.

Plus, no matter what happens, we’ll always have plenty of life-giving food.

I’ve been wanting a Garden Tower since I first saw their Kickstarter video posted below.


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